Hi! My name is Ying Lin and I’m passionate about creating user centered design and branding!
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Latest project: Contextual Home screen redesign

The most recent redesign project for Hotwire mobile home screen. The idea of the new card design helps the product to engage the existing and new users by giving them dynamic contexts. Based on the existing functionals within the app, the V1 design includes upcoming trip modules, create account, post mid-night booking, recent searches and deals modules. The moduler card design allows the company to do more marekting promotions and cross sell.

Works and Challenges for UI: Flow for the splash screen and opening anmiation, create consistent designs for the cards and follow Hotwire style guide, build a visual system for the use of image, buttons, color, font and movements, design the same experience for iPad, design new tab bar navigation, my trip sign in and farefinder, and lots lots lots product constraints and considerations

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On-going:test, learn, iterate

Retail hotel cross sell

Hotwire’s legacy product is selling opaque hotels(branded as Hot Rate® Hotles). The reason the user can get a cheap deals is because we don’t reveal the hotel name until you book. In this way, the branded hotel can clean their inverntory.However, with the market going up in these two years, opaque hotel is no longer a good competitions to the pushlished rate hotels. So Hotwire decide to add on the retail hotel options.

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Build iOS tool kit and style guide

Lead desginer initiate the project. Within the iOS product and iOS vs Anddroid vs web, we often do audits for consistency checks. Building the tool kit and style guide helps the product to iteration faster when large collaborations needed.

Approach: 1. Build the project from Sketch app from ground. 2. Audit the different usage of the same elements on other platforms and document them for future discussion.

Benefits: After building the tool kit, I marked down the insconsistency with the iOS app. Because of the works, we had opportunity to align more for the font style because of the brand font change project.

Plan: Update quartly: Collect the permenant changes from the new tests.

Tool kit Live style guide

Recent project: Post mid night hotel booking

Story needs
The ask is from the pile of asks from customer reviews. Allow users to book hotels from 12am to 5 am local time.

For post mid-night users, they don’t understand the selection of the dates
For regular users , we don’t necessary lead them to the post mid-night booking path.

User tests
Purpose: find the user pain points and test out the solutions

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What I do

Always design with rational


Work with UX designer, understand and empathize the needs of our users to find problems. Discover solutions through persona development, competitive analysis, and user research. Help facilitate the process.


Build representations of solutions through made with Sketch and Adobe Creative Suite. Create prototypes of expected functionality Invision app, and motion design with After Effects. Delivery pixel perfect designs with detailed annotations for proper collaboration to engage with developers.


Work closely with development to ensure quality proper implementation of solution. Test and validate internally with the team on the best experience. Prepare qualitative/quantitative testing and synthesize information to for assessment to determine proper follow up on next iteration.

About me

Borned and raised in China. Landed in US in 2006 for master degree. I love facilitating the visual process from conception to completion! When not obsessing about visual design you can see me illustrating the life around me, hopping in the flea market, crafting event, ice cream shop


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